I’ve been busy. Too busy to blog. And now that I’m back to it I’m going to change the format. Now before, I had this really nifty idea to use only pictures to tell the story and I had a lot of fun making them up to represent what was going on. But it took FOREVER to create them and get them tweaked perfectly to the point that I was prepared to post and frankly, that was time I just didn’t have. Actually to tell the truth I’m incredibly picky about anything I present as finished but with pictures I’m much more so. My web album over there has a small selection of what I’m prepared to share – trust me, there are hundreds of other photos sitting around waiting to be approved or rejected.

Now that I have the time I also want to write more rather than make images. And it’s nice to have the time cos training was at times incredibly hard work. Admittedly I had to go from a standing start having never been remotely involved with LUL before but I think a lot of the ex-CSAs also found it hard. Such was the constraint on my time and my need for personal study that the previous attempt at recording it stopped about halfway through OPT. So there’s all of stock and driver training missed not to mention my first few months out on my own. I might mention some of it from time to time but it’s not my intent to post a blow-by-blow account of everything up til now. More a record of what I’m currently doing.

And what I’m currently doing is finishing off a well-earned period of leave. So not much to blog about. 😉