I had a late turn yesterday and as I drove down towards the last station before going underground I had a strange experience. It was dark outside – something like 10pm I think. I was slowing to go over some points when there was a sudden movement on the track directly in front of me.

Up soared the most beautiful widespread wings, glowing white in the glare of the headlights. I didn’t really have time to react and in truth I probably wouldn’t have even if I’d been given some warning. Most bewinged creatures getting in the way of trains are pigeons. I do like our city-rats and admire their ability to survive – and over the months have come to understand that they are the most agile birds I’ve ever come across. One will launch itself in front of an oncoming train, flap hard for a few beats as the gap lessens and then suddenly twist and wheel about to glide off in quite another direction. It’s disconcerting at first – I always expected to hit them and slammed the brakes on. But now I understand that they know what they are doing and I’ve never seen one get hit by a train.

But yesterday those blazing wings rose up out of the darkness and tilted to the side before I could even think of reacting. And then….well, let’s just say there was a feathery noise from underneath the floor. I actually expected it to hit the tripcock arm given the location it seemed to disappear through, but nothing further happened and the train kept going.

Now here is the issue. Clearly that was not a pigeon. No pigeon would be so foolish as to get itself run over by a train. No siree. I think it was an angel.

I’m not sure if angels can be killed. Presumably they can have near-death experiences but I’m not sure how far they go with that concept. I’m also not sure what happens once they’ve almost crossed over to…er…the side they are already on. At the very least I suspect it annoys them tremendously. But I did have one happy thought. It’s quite possible that they are tied to their murderer for all of eternity. So that means I have a small bewinged angel following me around. And given that it’s an angel I think they are sort of obliged to help out. It’s in their Rulebook or something. Potentially the angel will be somewhat testy about it but it still has to be helpful.

As evidence I submit the following example of a pissed off angel. Travelling down the tunnel tonight I saw a series of brief flashes running the length of the cable-run in front of me. It looked like a series of small explosions and frightened the life out of me – I honestly thought something major had just shorted out and I was going to be stuck down there for hours. A moment later it happened again but this time I noticed that it was the tunnel lights going on and off in a split-second. Phew! That’s disconcerting but not so alarming. What was weird was that I didn’t lose traction current as it happened – which is what I’d expect when the emergency tunnel lights go on. I strongly suspect it was the pissed off angel messing with my mind BUT as it’s an angel it can’t do anything truly bad. I suspect there’s going to be a degree of headfuckery going on from now on but no actual bad stuff.

*grinz slowly*