I’m trying to decide if football fans are better than music fans. Since Wembley Stadium reopened we’ve had a fair bit of experience of carrying both types of passengers. It can be rather trying.

On the one hand football fans tend to travel in groups so there’s a general certainty that at least one of them knows where he’s going and how to get there. On the downside, they all tend to drink more which leads to all sorts of aggression and stupidity – trying to ‘tag’ the train as it enters a platform is just one example! They also hold the doors open so that all their mates can get on *this* train. I’ve never seen the point of that because if the doors are open then the train is not going to go anywhere. But still, they prefer to pack themselves in like pickled people.

On the other hand, music fans tend to travel in pairs or smaller groups so there’s less chance they know the route and they’ll require more guidance from staff. And if you want to move a lot of people in a hurry (say, to the empty seats at the front of the train!) then you have to say 20 times to individuals whereas you could say once or twice to a few groups of sports-types who will then be herded by whomever is least drunk. Mind you, musos tend to not get ratarsed, are friendlier and polite and can often be persuaded to provide musical accompaniment. Performance standards vary though!

I just dunno which is better/worse. I expect I’m going to get plenty of opportunity to find out though.