You know how in Bugs Bunny cartoons there’s always a chase scene and Bugs ends up by running through a door and slamming it? And how Elmer Fudd opens the door to find another door and opens that one to find another door leading to a whole corridor of doors that he has to run through? I always wanted a house with a corridor like that. Ideally the corridor would be on the second floor so that it could end with the floor tipping up and Elmer being dumped into a big swimming pool.

I’m sort of over wanting that now. There are so many doors on a train. It’s just one great long corridor filled with doors that you have to open and close every time you get to the end of the line. Oy vey. Too much opening and closing. And what’s really annoying is that the Service Delivery Crew never bother to make sure the door handles are easy to open. Often they are incredibly stiff to the point where it hurts my hands trying to turn them. You’d think that we’d got to a technological standpoint where we could design a decent doorhandle. I mean, imagine if Bugs Bunny had all these really difficult door handles. Elmer would be eating rabbit pie in no time.

Isn’t it strange how our childish ideas turn out to be not so hot in reality?

PS, I never wanted to be a traindriver when I grew up. I like being one though (cept for the doors).