I had a bit of a tantrum today at our Train Operations Manager. He’s the bloke in charge of the drivers’ depot.

About five months ago I was invited to complete a uniform requisition form. I badly needed to since I had barely any uniform and a lot of that had spent six months in constant use while I crawled around filthy trains learning to fix and drive them. There were quite a few other drivers in teh same boat and much uniform was ordered. For reasons which are beyond everyone, many of these forms were just thrown in the bin without them actually being entered online. Of course, nobody mentioned this (I only found out today) and I spent several months asking on a weekly basis when my new uniform would be arriving.

About 6 weeks ago another form inexplicably appeared with my name on it. So I filled it in and sent it in. Yet still, no uniform appears and nobody knows or cares when it will. That sort of attitude pisses me off – if you are going to take a managerial position then you should do your job fully and not just fob staff off with lame excuses. So today I went in with the intent of having a tantrum and insisting that I was provided with the uniform I had ordered. Oddly enough there was some waiting for me. Only two jumpers though which isn’t really great for July.

So I went to find the TOM and had my tantrum. He took me to the people responsible for ordering uniform and showed me that the form had been submitted – all of a week ago. Grrr, I submitted the bloody thing five weeks ago. So I continued to tantrum. The TOM then suggested that I didn’t actually require uniform since I’d been given lots of heavy winter clothing last July. This did not help my mood given how warm it was today – especially since my only lightweight coat sweltering but necessary because it keeps raining at random intervals.

I continued to tantrum and eventually they agreed that they would chase it up tomorrow. In the meantime I have devised all sorts of ways for me to legitimately stop driving trains should no uniform arrive. It’s not that I object to driving but I know that if I refuse or am deemed unable to drive then my trains will be cancelled. This then entails the TOM sending a very detailed report to his bosses to explain why. I’d love to see him writing a report stating that trains were cancelled because he wouldn’t get uniform for staff since there’d be arse-kickings all round over that one. The Voices do not take kindly to trains being cancelled over foolishness.