I think one of The Voices is losing it.

He’s always been rather prone to panicking in times of stress and he deals with it by getting snappier and snappier. Lately he’s been getting worse and has been ranting at drivers with alarming frequency. I reckon he’s heading for a long fall.

He had a stroppy turn at me the other night. He’s done it before but this time I had a strop right back (although I managed to reign in my uber-sarcasm which can apparently reach worldclass standards at times). He objected to the fact that I was unable to fly up and down the train to fix a defect. Trains are (obviously) quite long and it takes a couple of minutes to walk from one end to the other. And naturally, defects will always be at the opposite end to the driver. It’s a law of physics I think. The Voice had a strop about the fact that I’d taken four minutes to fix my defect – so I amused myself by arguing for another minute and holding things up even more. This did not please The Voice so he told tales to the roving DMT who was waiting for me a few stations later.

The rover is a DMT who spends most of their day out and about dealing with problems as they arise. They might help out if there’s a defective train coming their way or they might ensure that a driver is fit to continue if they happen to have required a nap. *ahem*. And of course, if The Voices have a strop then the rover will try to speak to the driver and get their side of the story.

In this case the rover was a nice guy who I like a lot. So when I pulled down the window and went off on one at him, The Voices and LUL in general he knew not to take it to heart. About halfway through when I was asking for the name of the Voice who had annoyed me he recognised that a driver had just about achieved critical mass and that dire things were about to happen. Stifling his amusement he managed to smooth over my ruffled feathers and assured me that no action would be taken with regard to my taking a normal length of time to walk up a train and back. I can’t help but think that this must have made an interesting bit of eavesdropping for the customers in the front car – arrive at a station as normal and all of a sudden the driver is cursing somebody out on the platform before being told to ignore the idiots upstairs.

This was a pretty minor thing although irritating for me at the time. But I’ve heard this guy be verbally aggressive time and again to different drivers. I’ve even heard some of the most chilled out drivers having words with DMTs and stating they are going to be raising grievances against this particular Voice. Tonight was no exception to his attitude and he pestered a driver with a defect from the instant they called in to report it. When a defect happens the majority of drivers will for a split-second be unable to think beyond “Oh noes! My train is broken!”. Even though we get a very good wage it still gives us the heebiejeebies to think of having to pay for a train we’ve broken. Trains are expensive. Give it a moment and we’ll collect our thoughts and fix it but constantly bothering a driver for information doesn’t allow them to collect their thoughts and the initial feeling of oh noes persists. I honestly can’t see what he thinks he’s doing acting this way. Aggression and sarcasm please nobody and what tends to eventually happen is that drivers simply stop responding to Voices who act in this way. That doesn’t help anyone!