I had a fairly long duty yesterday. But to compensate I also got a long grub break of 90 minutes which is a bit insane. Especially considering the duties either side of mine get the bare minimum of half an hour plus walking time (45 minutes in all).

While on grub (and it is a feature of LUL that we will never use a new-fangled word like “lunch” or “meal break” where an old, outdated one will do!) I met one of the trainee drivers and his instructor. We all got to chatting and after some fast googling in the computer room we came up with four irrefutable facts.

1) Salman Rushdie invented the phrase ‘Naughty but nice’ for an ad campaign for fresh cream cakes.

2) Margaret Thatcher was an instrumental part of the development of Mr Whippy ice cream.

3) There does not appear to be a website for Mattesson’s even though there are websites for stupid things like marmite and 7Up. Also, we are not entirely sure how to spell Mattheson’s and ended up just googling for sausages. There are a lot of websites devoted to sausages.

4) Entering “Naughty but nice” and “fresh whipped cream” into google returns some interesting websites. None of which we dared click on. 😦

After grub I didn’t have very long left to drive but I was surprised to be called to the phone by The Voices. They then asked did I want to take the train empty up to the depot instead of turning round and driving a bit more. It’s quite a nice place to finish since I live near there and I seem to recall that The Voices are aware of this. They also offered me the option of taking it up to the depot and bringing it back if I wanted to finish back at the station where the drivers hang out. I offered to do the second if it meant keeping the train in service but they just said not to bother since it would save the next driver having to take it back to the depot later on. Er…..hang on a second! Since when were trains cancelled just to make drivers’ lives easier? Whatever happened to “thousands and thousands of pounds to cancel a train”?

Life is such an utter mystery at times.