Today was a very productive day. I got most of ‘The Subtle Knife’ finished. Good going as I only started it last night. *grins hugely*

OK I was spare and for some reason it was very quiet. Everyone turned up to work, nobody was late, nobody felt they needed to get off for a break. It was great. And since I’ve been running around doing silly stuff lately and never actually managed to finish at the time or place I was supposed to it was really nice of the DMTs to let me just sit around most of the day (and send me home early!).

And I even got my return to work interview done. I had a migraine the other day so didn’t go in – when I went back the DMT at the time was completely uninterested in filling out the paperwork. Today’s DMT did and to his credit didn’t even bat an eyelid at my reason for being ill. Changes in atmospheric pressure seem to really affect me and strangely enough when I went back to work the driver I rode in with had exactly the same problem.

In other news, I want to join the RSPB. If BAA are granted their planned injunction against members of certain groups travelling on parts of LUL then I’ll be RUNNING to join up. It will make a novel excuse for being unable to go to work.