In an earlier blog entry I related how I had been forgotten about and my trains cancelled. Well, it’s happened again!

The other day I booked on, picked up my first train and duly abandoned it at the appropriate station. I was supposed to step back two trains but when that train came in another driver said they were taking it. He had been told to change the number on it (reform it) and run it as a different one. This is not unusual.

What was unusual was that nobody then phoned to tell me to reform another train. I sat around for a bit but no call came. And other drivers came and went with no further reformation going on. Most puzzling so I phoned a DMT to see if my train had been cancelled for some reason. Being new and so far as I can tell, a useless bugger, he didn’t know and said to phone somebody else. So I did and was told that The Voices had told the DMTs that I hadn’t booked on and that they were to cancel my train. Uh…..?

The nice part of this is that I now had nothing to do until my next pick-up. Said pick-up being about three hours away because I had an odd duty with an extremely long grub break. The weird part of it is that nobody can work out why The Voices would tell a DMT that I wasn’t at work. Generally the way it works is that drivers come in, book on and get on with things. Should they not come in the DMT will find a spare to do their duty and if there are no spares only then will The Voices be informed. And even then it’s not that driver such-and-such hasn’t turned up but that Duty X cannot be covered and please to be cancelling the trains. So not only is it strange that the DMT would recieve such a call from The Voices but it’s downright bizarre given that they must have been aware that my first train ran (they have a sort of missile-tracking thingy so they can watch where the trains are). I’ve asked around and nobody has ever heard of this happening before and it’s happened to me twice in a fortnight.

Not that I’m complaining. 🙂 In fact, I’ve specifically requested that whoever keeps making this mistake continues to do so. I quite like sitting around and watching TV while getting paid.