I have developed a new game at work.

Games are essential to keep from getting bored in this job. Some I’m not going to mention til much, much later – always best to leave a gap between messing around and confessing. 😉

There are games to be played with the trains or on the platforms or with the customers. But this week’s game involves DMTs. And just for clarification of this story, there are usually at least two or three DMTs hanging around the desk when I tend to arrive.

I went to book on the other day and there was no pen so I asked the DMT on duty for one. He complained at length about how many pens he’s had stolen recently whilst I commiserated and sneakily made off with his pen. It wasn’t me stealing the previous missing pens by the way but sometimes irony comes up and hits you so hard on the head that you can’t resist. I had to steal that pen. Probably rude not to.

So now every time I go to the desk and someone complains about missing pens I try to steal one. Today I booked on and had to ask for a pen and endure the complaints of stolen pens. As I made off with my first pen I realised I had to return to safely store my latest present* behind the desk. When I got there I was subjected to an outrageous accusation i.e. a DMT 1 said I had taken a pen. Rather than deal with this I employed an interesting variation on parallel denial** by greeting a driver who had just turned up and talking at length with him about nothing in particular until the DMT forgot he was accusing me and went of to do something else. At which point the other driver asked for a pen and heard from DMT 2 all about stolen pens. He signed in and wandered off indoors while I went in the other direction, tucking my second pen of the day in my pocket.

I is all penned up. 🙂

* A wonderful bag of holding which I shall blog properly about at a later date.
** Denying what you didn’t do in order to avoid tricky questions about what you actually did.