Started the day by screeching into work somewhat late. Thankfully a decent DMT was on the desk and I asked him if he wanted me to run get my train or did he have a spare on. Turns out he had already sent a spare over but since I had time to pick up he told me to RUN! and send the spare back. I was glad to do so partly cos it meant I wouldn’t get booked for being late and partly cos the DMT is a nice guy and I didn’t want to cause problems for him by taking his spare driver away when I was able to drive. And an added bonus was that I could see the Incident DMT looking daggers at me because he wanted me booked. Thankfully he had no say in the matter though I have no idea why he would rather have me booked and sitting around writing explanatory memos than driving trains. Probably cos he’s a jobsworth I guess.

I was screeching the other night too but that time it was the brakes! I had gone into a siding late at night and got distracted halfway up. I wasn’t actually doing anything – I just sorta drifted off and came to as I was almost at the other end. Deciding I was going a little too fast I slammed the handle into emergency and stopped. Phew, hadn’t gone past the trainstop or smashed into the stoplights. I had a shithot train and it had stopped in time. A little short in fact – how annoying. Of course, the correct thing to do would be to charge up the train again and pull it forward a foot or so. Yups. That’s the correct thing to do. Oh yes.

So I thought ‘fuck it’ and walked back through the train. At the other end is a sort of button which has to be pushed to let the signaller know I’m ready to depart. And since I had stopped short my window wasn’t level with the button. Being as I am a cocky little sod I decided to reverse the train a little until I could reach. This is utterly verboten so let’s keep it between me and you, mkay? ;o) I had a shithot train and my driving was smoooooooth. So I had the train perfectly in place, pushed the button and waited. Eventually the signal cleared and away I went. I had a shithot train and it took off like a rocket! Er….at least, that’s what I thought was happening. What I had actually done was forget to take the train out of reverse. A traindriver knows no greater sense of panic than when they attempt to drive forwards and the world suddenly starts going the opposite way. Eep!

Its an odd thing but although there was absolutely no difference in the controls, it was surprisingly difficult to figure out how to stop the damn thing. I’m sure about three miles went by while I worked out how to slam the train into emergency again. Thankfully I also had shithot brakes.

At this point I started panicking about the train having tripped on the trainstop in front of the red lights and not having enough air to move the train forwards again and would I get into trouble for delaying while I got the train charging up again. You can see how my brain had stopped working there. I mean, potentially I could have knocked over the stoplights at the rear, broken the rear cab windows, smashed into the concrete block behind the stoplights. Heck I might have even derailed the thing. But my little brain decided to go with what it knew – did I have enough air to move the train forwards? Thankfully the answer was yes which pretty much indicated that none of the other things had happened either. Phew!

I’m so not doing that again.


Edited October 29th, 2007