I’ve just spent a week doing refresher training and retaking the tests to keep my licence. What should have been an interesting week going over things and learning new bits and pieces was somewhat tarnished by the idiot we had for training. He stated at the beginning that he wouldn’t let anyone have 100% on the tests because ‘then they’d think they know a lot’. And he was true to his word, marking people down for ludicrous things. I can never be bothered with this type of person so I ignored his petty power trip and just tried to get on with things. Til I found myself being marked down for providing seven answers when the test had only asked for five. Extra knowledge is a bad thing apparently. I think if I get him next year I’ll just go sick for the week. A typical traindriver response but not something I ever thought I’d do.

What was nice was they day we spent at the depot doing defects. I enjoyed stock training the first time round and it was interesting going over it again. Unfortunately we only had half a day to go over things before doing the practical assessments. People have asked what I want to be when I grow up – they seem to think I’ll want to go into management. For now I’m perfectly happy driving but perhaps if I one day give it up I’ll think about becoming a train maintainer.

Due to an administrative cock-up I have extra rest days next week. Which I ‘forgot’ to mention to the DMTs. :o)