About a month ago my bus stop went missing. Not the bus stop I’ve previously blogged about (though that later disappeared) but a different one. This was most annoying and made me late for work as I had to leg it back from the next bus stop. Fortunately the DMT is nice and didn’t mind. Eventually they took the roadworks away and restored the bus stop. Win.

At the beginning of the week my station disappeared. I turned up at the usual place and there was a large enscaffolded block with an ‘Entrance Closed’ sign. This was extremely disheartening as I didn’t want to be late on my first day back from leave. A little investigation and I discovered that they’ve left the other entrance open while they knock down the buildings on one side and presumably they’ll swap round and demolish the other half at some future point. Fair enough.

This evening I was on the phone to my mum when I became aware of a drilling noise. It turns out that someone in their wisdom has decided that 10pm is the perfect time to start up major roadworks outside. In fairness it would be disruptive to traffic through the day but it is MORE than a little disruptive to residents – especially since there wasn’t any notice of it happening.

Wish I was on night shift this week so I could get a decent kip at work. 😦