In line with the policy of providing small, mysterious objects in a nice silvery-grey finish we received this.

It’s a clock apparently. I forget the pithy message which accompanied it but it does serve as a nice reminder to change my clocks tonight.

I forgot to mention the last present day so I’ll double up here. We got a pint glass. This might seem odd for an industry where drinking and drugs are frowned upon and we are not even allowed to take paracetomol but apparently it’s a philosophical present. Is our glass half-empty or half-full sorta thing. If your glass is half-full then you are less likely to get down about things and have spads (it seems). I dunno what the half-empty guys do – probably just worry about having more spads cos they worry all the time. Anyway, it is a theoretically useful present if I can just figure out how to get it home without having to first carry it around all day and risk it breaking against my handlamp.