I have finally decided that music fans are the worst as they tend to drink before the event and right through it. Notwithstanding the sometimes tuneful journeys that’s an awful lot of puked-on trains.

Next come football fans who drink less beforehand and are generally not too unruly but about half of them go to the pub after the game which means it takes HOURS to clear them out of the area.

General events: Disney shows, kids events etc. The worst bit is the high-pitched giggling but generally not bad in terms of needing to clean…er….how shall I put it….the more liquid-based messes.

NFL fans. Sorta like football fans but they seemed not very drunk and pretty well behaved.

Rugby fans. The best by a mile. True they get pissed but they can be relied upon to hold their drink. They are better behaved than footie fans and the vast majority even know which station they want to go to.

(This list will probably be updated as time goes by).