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Today The Happy Dance was given in my honour.

It was a small person. A most exuberant small person. And they did The Happy Dance to celebrate my arrival in the platform.

I have to say that there is nothing nicer than entering a platform and seeing a 2 foot high person in a big red coat doing the Happy Dance with their designated adult. It was a full on Happy Dance with entire bodies being rocked from side to side and the opposite legs being lifted clear off the ground. There was no skimping on the happy factor.

Then commenced The Waving.

Waving is not uncommon. Many children will wave from the platform and Toddler Waving Duties are taken most seriously. Sometimes they’ll even get a toot on the whistle if they look old enough to not scream in fear and shock at the noise. (It’s not that loud for goodness’ sake! A gentle toot! Whaddaya take me for?!). Most of the small persons who wave seem slightly intimidated by the hugeness of the train and this is reflected in their waves which are generally cheerful with a hint of shyness. But this was more than a normal wave. This was Waving.

It was most enthusiastic Waving on all our parts and at times involved said small person ducking down so she could still maintain eye contact throughout. And I have rarely seen such a cheerful grin on a commuter. I was keeping an eye on the mirrors and monitors as I travelled down the line so I could see her get off and sure enough, I was rewarded by the sight of more enthusiasm as she ran in an exuberant-yet-safe-and-responsible manner around the corner. There was a slight hint of aeroplane.

I heartily approve of enthusiasm on the railways.