Number of signals passed at danger:

Number of signals passed at danger without authorisation:
0 (What? Technically?)

 Number of duties spent pretending to be a zombie:

Number of duties spent pretending to be a singing zombie:

Number of times I’ve looked about me while driving and wondered where I was:

10 (approx)

Number of times I’ve forgotten where I’m going:
too numerous to mention.

Lessons learned and implemented:

  • Check the train is in ‘forward’ before accelerating.
  • Always note whether a DMT says ‘do’ or ‘want’. As in “How much overtime did you do/do you want?”

Favourite game of the year:
Pretending to leave the station by hitting the ‘doors closed’ button on the wrong side and then watching all the little dollies scurry around the monitors in a panic.

Weirdest thing seen taken onto the train:
Probably the hat-stand…..unless you are going to count the 40-odd santa clauses.

Things I’ve been too leery to blog about yet:

  • The Motorway Incident
  •  The Apology Incident