You know how when you were a kid and had a wobbly tooth you’d keep prodding at it with your tongue to see what would happen? And invariably what would happen would be a sudden rush of pain. But after a bit you’d have another prod just to see if it still hurt? Remember that?

Well today the canteen did cheeseburgers again. They actually had them as the ‘also serving’ part of the menu which is a bit weird for a weekend when they usually only do one meal. So in the spirit of wobbly tooth prodding I asked for one. To be fair the cook stopped me and asked me how long I had because the burgers were still in the freezer. But I assured her I had an hour before I needed to get back on a train.

FORTY FIVE MINUTES later my food arrived. So subtracting the time required to get from the canteen to the ground floor and then from the ground to the Underground that left me about six minutes to inhale my grub. I have absolutely no idea why it took so long. It was (again) an ok cheeseburger but with nothing in particular about it which would have needed such a long preparation time. This causes me to despair ever so slightly because whilst I am entirely willing to continue with the Cheeseburger Experiments just to see what on earth happens next time; I sorta wish I was undertaking Sirloin Steak Experiments or Bloody Good Curry Experiments instead.