We got these wonderful bags of holding last year. With only one slight problem (the yoke is slightly wrong) they are damn fine bags. As a species, traindrivers carry lots of stuff. Annoyingly, this stuff is generally very small and easily lost when thrown into a bag. Which is why I love the bag of holding so much as it has a couple of dozen small pockets. I mean that very literally. I’ll count them up at some point and provide an exact tally later but for the moment let’s just go with the idea that I have owned this bag for MONTHS now and have only just discovered a new pocket.

The reason for the thorough exploration of the bag of holding was that I have decided to do some experimental laundry and needed to clear it out. (It’s probably not going to go down too well if I turn up at work unable to drive because I accidentally laundered my driving licence). Whilst it is a nice bag, it is currently suffering from being kicked around a few platforms too many and is a little grubby. The obvious solution would be to bung it in the washing machine. Obvious. It would settle my mind a little if there were any washing instructions on it but there are none. Did the people who commissioned this bag really expect them to stay clean and pristine for the duration of their use? Have we not already covered how dirty one can get when driving trains?

So currently it’s spinning gently in a soapy lather and I’m wondering if it is going to come out the same size and colour. Should you see me wandering down the platform with a tesco bag in the near future you’ll know the answer. Let’s hope I get a useable bag back though.