Having wandered around as a passenger today I discovered a few interesting things about London’s transport system that I had previously been unaware of.

The least interesting of these is that I am still wildly insecure in train stations, I don’t like them and easily get lost. And I already knew that my friends were amused by this but just in case I didn’t I was soundly mocked at Waterloo this evening. And then again at Leicester Square, TCR and Oxford Circus. Hmph.

Something else I noticed as I was standing waiting for a train is the huge number of people who stride purposefully onto a platform and then stop and gaze around as though it wasn’t quite what they were expecting. I could accept that in the odd person who was perhaps unfamiliar with travelling on the tube but I watched a good dozen go by who all did the same. And only one decided he was in the wrong place and turned back. What’s up with that? Do people expect something different when they arrive on the platform?

The other thing I noticed was when I was riding the cushions up my own line. I was sitting in the second car of the train and it surprised me to learn that certain station starters were green as I passed them. If you are Poggs you will know why this is interesting. If you are not Poggs then just imagine that I’ve been handed a get out of jail free card and am sitting stroking my metaphorical pointy beard on my metaphorically diabolical chin and saying ‘Verrrrry interesting…’.