An evening of…er…me. Due to a series of unfortunate events which occurred to another driver we shut down for a bit. When I say a bit i mean quite a lot. I glanced at my duty book at one point and realised I was at the correct station for that time of evening. It’s just I was going in the wrong direction. Ho Hum.

I say ‘going’. I mean ‘sitting there’. Still, I had a stray driver for company and we had fun wandering up and down the empty platform pulling all the safety seals off mysterious doors as we searched for a phone. Though none of the doors led anywhere interesting. Naturally I shall report at length shoudl I find a mysterious door that leads somewhere fun. Eventually they cleared us to drive into the tunnel though I’m not certain why as we then sat and stared at a red signal for ten minutes. Fortunately there were no customers by that point and we had a game of I Spy which went much better than you’d expect it to.