I am fairly dyscalculic. I have real difficulty doing things like telling the time. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s not the numbers causing the problems but the people standing around wtfing at me.

On the first occasion I was walking away from the Vue counter with

, having just purchased tickets. He asked me the time. I juggled the various things I was holding and as we wandered seatwards told him ‘2032’.

‘Huh?’ came the reply.


‘Why are you saying numbers?’

*sigh* ‘Half past eight’

‘Oh! How did you work that out???? You dont’ have a watch on! And you didn’t pull out your phone! And there’s no clock! And….’

‘I looked at the time on the receipt they just gave me’


I didn’t think this was too much of a strange thing to do. However, the inimitable

 has managed to beat this. Standing immediately under St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday we were suddenly desirous of some temporal illucidation.

‘What’s the time?’

‘Four o’ clock’

‘Thanks. Um….why did you look up at the sky just then?’


Editing at 2211 to add a conversation I had on IM about thirty seconds ago:

:  was it you or poggs that looked up at the cathedral?

Me: i looked up

romalamadingdo: but how could you tell it was 4pm?

: it hasn’t got a clock, has it?

Me: *sigh*

romalamadingdo: can you tell by the sun?

Me: *sigh*