I finished unusually early today so phoned

 and asked if he wanted to meet up for a coffee. Happily he did and so I meandered over to his part of town and hung out in a coffee shop until he could finish work and come outside. Once he did we decided we were both starving and elected to have a stroll and look for a place which did gushy fuds. The plan being to have a quick bite to eat and then both head home.

Several hours later we leave the restaurant and head for the tube. As he was going one way and I the other we loitered in the ticket hall chatting and making future plans. You know, like you do when you are saying goodbye to a mate. About ten minutes later  I noticed somebody hovering at my elbow, politely waiting a chance to  speak. I glanced at him and he  excuse me’d and asked which was the better route: A or B. I pondered and said I had no idea but fortunately PassengerAction is actually pretty good with the tube map and was able to advise appropriately. And all the time this was going on, a little voice in the back of my head was quietly wondering ‘But why the hell is he asking me?’.

Then I glanced down and realised I was still in uniform.