Once upon a time….

Actually, this is going to be a dreadful tale with hardship and suffering for all. I won’t mind at all if you don’t read it and just skip on to the next one. Go on, off you go. It’s better not to look.

…all the tea and coffee machines on the line were broken and couldn’t be fixed. So we had the entire line running for three days on no caffeine. It didn’t go that well actually. 😦

During this time I happened to go very early in the morning to pick up a train from the depot. And as I sauntered over to the correct place to find it some species of manager nipped out of the door ahead of me and went down the steps with a colleague. As I fell in behind I heard them talk about the chocolate biscuits that had been left for the Train Maintainers. 

Chocolate biscuits. For Train Maintainers. And here I was at stupid o’ clock in the morning and I couldn’t get a cup of tea for love nor money. And no, nobody was agreeable to me nipping out at a station with a coffee stall and stocking up. Something about headway apparently. Now I love Train Maintainers to bits but come on! All they do is tinker with stuff and get oily and here I am trying to drive a train and get London to work and I’m doing it on no caffeine!

So I duly grumbled. ‘How comes they are getting chocolate biscuits when we can’t even get a cup of tea?’

There came a tut and a sigh.

‘See? Another bloody driver with a god complex’.