It is something of a surprise to me that BJ’s first act as Mayor is not only something directly relating to my workplace but something I support 100%

Drunks on the trains are just beyond annoying. Generally I don’t have to deal with them because they are unlikely to bother the driver. But station staff regularly have to put up with abusive behaviour and violence from drunks – not to mention the ones who think it is fine to piss or vomit on a station and leave others to clean it up. For the most part, they only affect me when they start bothering other customers who have to pull the alarm or get off and tell station staff. This means that the whole line comes to a halt as the drunk is removed – and if they are aggressive then we all have to wait for the police and they are not necessarily available at every single station. I’ve also seen the line shut because a drug addict in the rear car decided to start shooting up then and their. Unfortunately for him I was trying to reverse the train and needed to access the cab behind him (unfortunately for me, his fix was much more important than anybody else who wanted to travel). And then of course there are the most common ones: the ones who drink themselves into a stupor and cannot then wake up enough to manage to get off the train at the end of the line. I’ve actually seen a guy removed from a train and sat on a bench – an hour later when I brought the train back he was still there, as was the unfortunate CSA who had been sent to babysit him and stop him standing up and falling on the track.

The main issue I have with BJ’s policy is how it will be implemented. The rules on smoking are generally fairly widely complied with but I suspect that enough people remember King’s Cross to be aware that it’s a Bad Idea to smoke underground.  Drinking will be different as there is small possibility of multiple deaths due to somebody getting drunk and there will naturally be less social disapproval. So it’s going to be left to staff and the BTP to deal with it – and given that there aren’t enough BTP and they can’t be everywhere it’s really going to be down to staff. Which completely sucks because it shouldn’t be down to us to police obnoxious or illegal behaviour.

So, I do support the proposed ban but I’m not sure how it’s going to work. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.