After a happy afternoon lounging in the sun and waiting for

 to fake a fainting fit to escape his interminable meetings we decided to check something that had been bothering us for a while now. What happens when you wave an LUL staff pass in front of the magic ‘How much is left on my Oyster card?’ doobry?

The answer is kinda cute. It does indeed declare that it is a staff pass but rather alarmingly shows as having an available balance of £0.00. A little further investigation reveals that the Oyster reader will show all the recent journeys I have made. Amusingly, most of these are when I was driving the train and had to swipe through the barrier to get into the station. Then when I’ve finished driving I’ve swiped out of the station. So it reads ‘Station X – Station X’ quite a lot but with many hours between swiping in and out. 🙂

The one thing I’m slightly miffed about is when we hit the ‘Renew season ticket’ option. It refused. They shouldn’t have a button if it’s not going to be workable!