This post is something of a bow to the inevitable. Because for the third time today I’ve unexpectedly heard an absolutely wonderful song which doesn’t really seem to be played that much. The first time was early morning on my own radio and the third time was just now from a passing car. And just to keep with the train-theme of the blog I’ll also confess that the second time was at one of the surface stations. People from one of the near(ish)by houses had music belting out across three railway lines and while they may have been annoying the neighbours, I can’t fault their taste in music or the volume. Which would explain the rather extended dwell time at that station. Hey! The line was running late anyway! I can’t see what difference another couple of minutes would make. *ahem*

I actually prefer the Timbaland remix for the aural qualities but they’ve made such a stunning video that it would be a pity not to post it.