I have this cat. He’s a happy little soul who likes to go off exploring the neighbourhood when everyone is out at work. Obviously he only does this when he has finally realised that no, I will not be taking him to work today either, but I’m sure he has just as much fun footling around the undergrowth.

One day I left for work and decided that as it was a nice day I’d walk for a change. This involved traipsing up the Big Hill but all the huffing and puffing was soon forgotten as I strolled along the road at the top and gazed happily at the allotments. I like gardens. 🙂 And as I walked, who should come romping through the cabbages but my cat. This was somewhat unexpected as the allotments weren’t exactly close to home and I hadn’t thought he hung out in this area. I stopped short and gazed at him in astonishment. Just as he glanced up, skidded to a halt and returned an equally surprised look. It was the full-on *blinkblink* ‘What are YOU doing here?!’ look that only the exceptionally surprised (or the feline) can give. I think it amused me most that we were both happily going about our various pursuits and suddenly realised at exactly the same time that the other was there.

Which brings me to today’s story. As I zoom into the stations I rarely look at the people on the platform other than to maintain an awareness that none of them are close enough to the edge to be struck by the train. Generally I’m concentrating on the speedo, the signal and the stopping mark. Get it an inch wrong either way and the doors won’t open. Have you ever been on a train where it stopped and then slowly drove forward about an inch before stopping again and the doors opening? Driver stopped too short. And how about a train where it stopped and then there was a long pause before the doors opened? Driver went too far. There’s some equipment called Correct Side Door Enable (CSDE) which pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. But crucially it will only work if the front of the train stops in the right place – stopping just outside the CSDE zone means the doors will not open. So creeping the extra inch is to get the door inside the zone. And that pause is where the driver has already tried to open the doors, realised they are an inch outside the zone and has had to jump across the cab to cut out the CSDE and open the doors using different controls.

This is all by the by and nothing whatsoever to do with the story. It’s just an illustration of some of the things which I have to concentrate on when entering a station. There are also the other, more basic things like checking the platform clock and the dot-matrix display to see if I am early, late or a reasonable time ahead of the train behind. And sometimes there are toddlers and CSAs to be waved to. So lots to concentrate on and it’s unsurprising that I rarely have time to be more than vaguely aware of the passengsrs. Which is why I was so astonished to zoom into a platform today and glance up at the same time that a friend of mine who happened to be waiting for a train also glanced up.

*blinkblink* What are YOU doing here?!?!?!?

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