I think I turned into some sort of grownup today. 😦

I emailed my MP. That’s not the bad bit,. The bad bit is what I emailed him about. I emailed him about bulk rubbish collections. I am a sad, pathetic individual. And a grownup. le sigh.

I have two points in my defence:

1) He contacted me first as he has ants in his pants about the charges for rubbish collection in my area. He reckons the Council are foolish with their (my) finances and disorganised.

2) I was pointing out that the Council are not foolish with their (my) finances and disorganised. They are foolish with their (my) finances, disorganised and utter lunatics into the bargain. Why? I’ll tell you why!

My Council charge a fee for collecting bulk rubbish. You know the sort of thing, mattresses, old bits of furniture, rolls of carpet etc. All the sorts of things you occasionally need to ditch but somehow can’t fit into those nice orange rubbish sacks Mr Sainsbury provides. And the fee is commensurately large to the size of the things needing thrown away. Yet crucially and rather bizarrely they do not charge for two items. Fridges and freezers. Those are free. And not only are they free but you are allowed to have one or other or both collected free of charge every. single. year.

What? Who gets a new fridge every year? Those things are expensive! And also not cheap! And…um….do they really break down all that often? I’ve only known a fridge break down once in my entire life and that was fairly easily repaired. So who is throwing away all these fridges that the Council felt they had to enact this policy or else drown in the flood of abandoned white goods? Aside from the environmental impact that surely has an impact on their own personal health. Humphing (I did say ‘humpHing’!) fridges in and out of your house every few months can’t be good for a person. And DOYC help the backs of people living on the twentieth floor of a tower block.

I’ve been meaning to blog about this idiocy for a while now but I keep getting distracted. Until today when my MP started whining about the very same subject. See, all I was going to do before was have a rant on here. It was going to be a classic blogpost about absolutely nothing relevant whatsoever. The kind that gets the blogosphere a bad name and lets the non-Onliners sneer at the sad minutiae of life recorded for eternity by people who clearly have nothing better to do (actually I’m waiting for my tea to cool so NER Mr non-Onliner! I *do* have a busy and fulfilling life). I had absolutely no intention of making this a parliamentary* issue. But here I am, all grown up and writing to my MP about the bins. Please for the love of DOYC somebody ask me what I want to be when I grow up! Please?

*This blog is dedicated to Mrs Graham who made me write out ‘parliament’ five times when I was ten. I sulked at the time but I’m grateful now. :o)