A book was left on one of the trains today. It was discovered in the depot when the train went out of service after the morning peak. But rather than hand it in for lost property as is usual I’m going to give it to a colleague instead. I’m not stealing it from anyone though. This book, you see, is rather special.

It’s part of a quite wonderful scheme to release books into the wild. The idea being you read a book, enjoy it, and then leave it somewhere for somebody else to enjoy. You might leave it on a train, or a park bench, or just pass it on to a friend. Each book has a sticker outlining the scheme and asking the new reader to pass it on.

The book I found is The Book Thief. As I’ve already read and enjoyed that one I’ll be passing it straight on to another driver with firm instructions to release it once read. Those who find it are asked to go to the bookcrossing website and just make a comment about the book, or about where they found it or are releasing it. I think it’s a nifty idea and I’ll be keeping a virtual eye on this book to see where it ends up.