So I’m zooming about and having the most ridiculous day when one of the big boys’ trains happens to go by in the other direction. I never bother to wave at those drivers cos they go too fast and I’m never sure if they can see us or not. But! As it passes I glanced over and saw that all of the train’s side-window-destination-thingies said it was going to ‘Desire’. Whuh?

I expect this blog is going to have it’s technical aspects tidied up at some point by Poggs. Actually that reminds me of the time that he and I both happened to be travelling as passengers on my line. The train was doing something unusual and doing it fairly consistently. Poggs enquired what was going on so I told him. It was an excellent explanation and I’m quite proud of it. For some reason he claims that my knowing what was wrong with the train (the driver) from two cars back is some kind of measure of geekiness. Weird.