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You know, sometimes it’s a real bind doing this job. I frequently wake up to outraged texts from friends asking what the hell was up with their line this morning. They do this even though they know that it wasn’t *my* line causing problems and that I am probably fast asleep at whatever ridiculous hour of the morning they felt bound to drag themselves into London. I often take a perverse pleasure in replying five hours later when I’ve gone to work myself and somebody has mentioned the problems on Line X earlier in the day…

On the other hand, I’m quite good at calling folks if I know they travel on a particular line and I know it’s having problems and (crucially) I’m also awake at the time. There is the caveat that I can’t actually phone whilst driving for quite a number of reasons but the most practical one being that the mobiles-on-the-tube-thingy hasn’t been switched on yet. But still I get the accusatory conversations about why I didn’t inform people. Even when I explain that I was in a tunnel at the time I get things like this:

“I didn’t know if you were driving. Most of the time you are reading, or scamming dmts. Driving seems to be a sideline when nothing else presents itself…”

OK, it’s a fair point but come ON, I do drive trains some of the time!