I happened to be travelling on my own line this evening and as I waited for the train I noticed a few of the station staff standing around doing as little as possible, as is their wont. So I strolled over to join them – many hands making light work and all that. Big mistake.

Ximinez: “Where are you going?”

Biggles: “What are you doing here?”

Ximinez: “Why are you dressed so smart?” (I wasn’t)

Fang: “But why are you in civvies?”

Ximinez: “So why are you going home?”

Fang: “Where have you been? Yes but where exactly?”

Biggles: “Why did you go out tonight?”

Ximinez: “What did you do?”

Fang: “Who were you with?”

Biggles: “Why are you not with them now?”

Ximinez: “What did you eat?”

Biggles: “So where are you going now?”

Fang: “What’s with the shoes?”

Ximinez: “Why are you going home?”

The interrogation went on at some length until my train finally arrived and I escaped. Even now I’m not entirely sure whether it is permitted to go and have dinner with a friend on my evening off. It could be I’ve breached the rules in some major way. I suspect I’ll be writing an explanatory memo at some point…