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Sometimes I wonder if the people I work with are truly stupid. Not the people as such but the managers.

I was dragged into an office today and asked to explain my actions from the other day. I gazed back blankly and the manager said that they’d lost track of where I was and had I gone home without permission. It took a fair amount of time to convince him that I was actually just quietly doing as another manager had asked. Rather sensibly I didn’t say it but during the interview I was idly wondering if they had called HMRI due to my mental versions of their logbook from that day:

1) Oh noes it’s all gone wrong!

2) Train Operator Delays appears to have gone missing.

3) Fuck me there’s a train driving itself AND it’s taking passengers. This ATO’s good stuff isn’t it?

4) Oh wait we don’t have ATO yet.

5) Still no sign of Train Operator Delays…

As I say, it’s hard not to wonder sometimes.