Running a train south the other day and I noticed the information boards all stated that my train was bound for the station I’d left from. I ignored it and just put up the destination most common. I’m very much in favour of this random acts of traindriving thing. 🙂

I got a few stations down the line and saw that the boards were now showing the destination I’d picked. But as I pulled fully into the platform there was a sign illuminated telling me to reverse the train via the points….and also a green signal telling me to carry on as I was. Bwuh? That means I am supposed to drive north and south at the same time. I’m about 80% sure I’ve worked out a way to do that though I haven’t quite worked out how to cancel out the lethal risks associated…oh wait a minute, I just did. I’ll save that solution for next time they show me both routes. I hadn’t thought it was possible to put both of those up at the same time. Time to poke The Voices.

‘Where am I going? I’ve got a signal south and a sign saying to go north.’

‘Um…bwuh?!…..not sure, driver. Just accept the signal and I’ll get back to you with a destination.’

‘Accept which signal?.’

‘Oh…er….the green one.’

I kept going and after a bit another Voice got back to me apologising for the confusion and giving a technical explanation which I didn’t even begin to understand. Which is the second time in about two weeks I’ve had explanations out of them that I didn’t grok. I should probably ask to go spend a day with them at some point so that I get more understanding of how all the signalling links up. The trouble is, I’d rather pull my own teeth out than do so. Still, it was nice of the Voice to call me up about it. None of the others ever bother to apologise when they make a mistake or mess us around so it’s definitely appreciated that this one does.