Tonight was the annual Annoy The New Parents of Wandsworth event so passengeraction and I repaired to Battersea Park to watch the fun. It was an amazing night.

I love the Battersea fireworks. Everything is set to music and there have been some quite wonderful pieces done in the past. I was particularly fond of the ones set to ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’. It seems strange to think of fireworks being set to the latter when considering the quieter periods of the song but there was a good choice of pretty-yet-silent stuff which complemented the song wonderfully.

This year’s set was done by a highly skilled bunch of pyromaniacs. They chose colours as their theme and we had ‘Purple & Green’, ‘The Pink Panther Themetune’ and ‘Orange Crush’. For me, the latter was the best as the timing of the explosions matched perfectly to the voices of the band. It was so good that I think they cannot have planned it. While I know a heck of a lot of work goes into planning these things, this was simply too spot-on. What really impressed me was something they couldn’t have factored in and that was how closely the lights and voices merged with my synaesthesia. Most singing voices have lots of yellowy-orange going on in them and parts of the song have what I see as tumbling voices which are making circular sounds.

One of the key things about synaesthesia is that it seems to be linked to the parts of the brain which trigger euphoria. It’s a very joyful experience on a normal day and I often ‘surf’ music and end up extremely happy and hyper. ‘Orange Crush’ tonight effectively meant that I was surfing both inside and outside. I’ve never been inside of synaesthesia in the real world before and it was a simply amazing experience which absorbed all my attention. I remember Passenger Action leaning over to say something to me at one point but I was in a state of ‘can’t do words’ so I couldn’t work out what it was or how to reply. Suffice it to say that this indicates I was *very* absorbed in the rest of the world at that point. 😀