Did nobody else think that the snow was a wee tad suspicious today? It only lay in places that it would look pretty to lie. Other places where you’d reasonably expect there to be snow were clear and fine. Not just walking routes and roads but out of the way places too. Take my journey this morning, an obscure corner is covered in snow. Yet the obscure corner on the other side of the bus stop was clear. It wasn’t because people walked or stood there – it’s that obscure – but it just wasn’t as pretty a place to have snow.

My suspicions were confirmed when I got to central London. I had a meeting with someone and was lurking around their building waiting for them to turn up. The phone rang and it turned out he was delayed because of snow and would be there soon. Fair enough. But two minutes before he appeared the snow started falling very prettily. Now snow doesn’t often fall in London and when it does we don’t get those lovely big flakes drifting peacefully past. Not usually anyway. I think the purpose was to make a beautifully dramatic entrance happen.