Today I wandered off home early because I had an important business meeting. OK, it was only to have coffeez with Poggs but as he’s helping me out with some work stuff my manager was perfectly happy for me to bugger off. I feel very important to be having meetings elsewhere. 🙂

We discovered a tiny coffee shop and learned some interesting things:

1) It is possible to eat biscuits which are so good they make your saliva glands hurt. Think of pickled onion flavour Monster Munch and then multiply by a few. We also agreed that ‘so good it makes your saliva glands hurt’ would make a pretty good advertising slogan.

2) Tube Station Pictionary is great fun. I am most proud of my rendition of Great Portland Street although I think Hainault was pretty good. Must get better at drawing maps of the world if I’m to do Canada Water again.

3) Poggs is generally good at getting in and out of stations safely but appears to become disoriented when I take him via the secret staffy ways. I feel that having to navigate both normal ways and secret staffy ways is the fundamental reason for my inability to negotiate stations with any reasonable level of effectiveness.

4) Some places still accept only cash. This led to much scrabbling around for change to buy our merely acceptable coffeez and so-good-they-make-your-saliva-glands-hurt biscuits. Also, the lady behind the till did not appear to speak human and kept changing the price and then wouldn’t give us our biscuits that she’d just put in a bag. I saw her sitting down with a nice cup of tea later so presumably she’d just come out of a secret staffy way and was frazzled. It happens to the best of us.