Today was Take Your Poggs to Work Day. 🙂

Poggs stopped by towards the end of the day. He’s already known to my manager by name as he’s been helping me work through some of the trickier bits of a project I’m doing. Not to mention that my manager thinks I’m a geek and keeps asking me tricksy questions to which I often reply ‘I’m not sure, I’ll check with Poggs.’ So there was no problem with this apparently random commuter visiting our secret staffy places.

When he turned up he was soon pounced upon and interrogated at length about computers, internets, phones etc. He also got a chance to talk trains with some proper experts so I’m thinking it was a fair exchange of information. My manager has invited him to come back tomorrow afternoon to tell him more about Mysterious Technology so I’m guessing there’s going to be more geekery. I have pointed out that if he’s going to be invited over he should be stuck in a jacket and sent off to do some work on the stations. I meant it jokingly but both seemed to take it as a reasonable suggestion. This could get…interesting…