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So I’m telling romalamadingdo about a strange email I received last night. It had been forwarded from my work account and was from one of the DMTs. Out of curiosity I opened it and noted that it was addressed to me, the TOM and the admin. It read:

T/Op Blogs continues sick.

This puzzled me because (aside from being unable to work out who T/Op Blogs is) I have no idea why I would need to be informed of this. Rom has put my mind at rest on this matter.

romalamadingdo: at least they’re communcatng with you about stuff

romalamadingdo: not your own stuff, granted

romalamadingdo: maybe its the forst step

romalamadingdo: they have to buld up to telling you about your own

And since she makes such a good point I’m going to go along with the suggestion she gave me. Once I get back to the depot I’m going to log in to the email system and reply with my commiserations and ask them to pass on my good wishes to T/Op Blogs. Communication must, after all, work both ways. 😀