Today I had annual training. It was great – theory training and messing around with the little train set we have. We use it to work through various scenarios we experience so that we can go over the rules and procedures. It’s not a properly working set – just some track glued to a board and pictures of different signals and platforms glued at intervals. The BEST thing about it though is the little trains. They are proper tube trains. The detail is incredibly precise and there are little car numbers and trip cock isolation cocks and and they are just the cutest things. Today we discovered they are even cuter because we LOOKED INSIDE THEM!

Peering through the customer’s windows revealed that there were little straps hanging down for the toy customers to hold onto and little adverts and line diagrams distributed about the carriage. These trains were from the toy Northern line. I couldn’t see if the moquette on the seats was correct but the floors had that perfect faux-wooden planks that real tube stock has. Peering into the driver’s cab revealed a toy Traction Brake Controller (i.e. what we drive with) and what looked like a Digital Voice Assistant panel. At the other end we could peek through the interconnecting door (sadly, no moving parts to these trains aside from the wheels) and OMG AMAZING!!!! It was exactly like standing at the end of the car and looking up it, just in miniature. I could even see the outline of the equipment pod and the emergency panel on the inside door of the cab. Further investigation led to the discovery that holding a train car up to each eye rendered the whole thing in proper 3-D (as opposed to screwing up one eye and peering with the other down one toy train). On the whole today was a most productive training session. 🙂