More BBC headlines – I can’t be bothered getting screenshots this time so you’ll have to follow the links if you wish to share my feelings of ‘bwuh?’

First up it’s a story about Tesco changing their delivery times. Yes, that’s right. It’s a story on an international news site about a supermarket deciding to deliver at a different time so they can avoid rush-hour. And it’s not even the whole chain, it is ONE of their branches. No MP scandals this week or something? Well go and read how Tesco Changes Delivery Times instead.

And over here we have what might be a road-rage incident or might be a tragic accident. No doubt the coroner vet will make a sound judgement but in the meantime Zebra collision inquest adjourned. Either way it’s best to keep a sharp look out in case it happens again. Be careful, it’s a jungle out there…