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I’ve rather tailed off on writing recently. Partly due to life being a bit busy with Stuff and Things (to quote nyecamden) but also because I’m sometimes not sure what people want to read about. This blog was originally set up to share stories with friends but from checking my flist I realise that I don’t actually know most of you. So I’ve no clue who you are or why you are here.

There’s also the issue that my working life consists of going up and down and that’s a bit dull to write about more than four or five times. So sometimes I run out of inspiration for topics. πŸ™‚

If there is something you would like to read about then reply to this blog and I’ll have a think. I might not necessarily know anything about some of the more technical aspects of LUL-life but I’m willing to ramble on regardless. At the moment I’m completely out of ideas for what to write which is why I’ve only put up snippets lately. So give me some ideas will you?

It would also be quite nice if you let me know who you are and what brings you here – I’ve got to know some of you through chatting on each other’s blogs or on IM but others I barely know. So come and say hi properly (that goes for the anonymous and non-LJ people too!).