I’m due to meet a friend for tea on Monday. She’s travelling early evening so ideally we will meet up somewhere near King’s X so that she doesn’t have to lug bags all over London. But there’s one slight problem – King’s X is an arsehole when it comes to decent places to eat.

What to do? Naturally I do what I do every time I want to go out in an unfamiliar area and head over to Time Out’s restaurant guide. It’s got good reviews and you can search by various methods including by area. So I duly typed in ‘King’s Cross’ and got back a page of results.

Now I will state for the record that I expected the chains and stalls in the station to come up as possibilities. Just because they are in a station doesn’t mean they will have dreadful food. What I didn’t expect was this little beauty: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/reviews/13394.html

Apparently the views are stunning. 🙂