I’ll put this under a cut just in case some people are squicked out by insects. In fact, I’m slightly squicked out by insects though not so much since I got cats. I gradually came to view them as just another source of protein. Though I have to say *this* guy certainly startled me. I was idly surfing when I glanced up and saw a HUGE many-legged creature plastered to the mirror across the room. My initial thought was to run away and climb a tree but then common sense kicked in and I figured that getting a glass and piece of paper was preferable to running down two flights of stairs, across a busy road, into the park and to the base of the biggest tree I could find. I would only be able to get as far as the base since none of the trees in my local park are in any way suitable for climbing. I feel this is something that should be rectified. Kids (and fearful traindrivers) need trees to climb. Urban planners take note!

As I walked past to get the glass I happened to notice how interesting he and his reflection looked. So I abandoned the eviction idea and grabbed my camera instead. You would not *believe* how long it took me to get that shot. I knew what I wanted but his location, the abilities of my camera plus my own limitations as a photographer made it difficult. I think it’s definitely time to get a new camera and start learning more. (I’ve read the various opinions you all so kindly posted when I asked about cameras and I’ve been doing some of the recommended reading so hopefully I’m not completely ignorant now).

Anyway, here he is in all his glory.

Of course after I photographed him for half an hour I decided to evict him anyway. He wasn’t best pleased given that he’d spent so long patiently modelling for me – that’s probably YEARS in insect terms. So as soon as I turfed him out of the window he flew straight back in. We did this dance a few times before I gave up. He’s still in here somewhere, probably waiting til it’s dark so he can fly down and bite my toes. If he does I’ll be sure to post pictures of the bloody stumps for you all.