I was recently told that I should do more things for myself. I pondered this for a while. And then I decided that I agreed. Then I pondered some more about what I wanted for myself. And then it hit me like a bolt of light from the sky. I should like some lilla bebbeh lions for myself. But where to get some…?

Well the obvious place to try was the zoo. So off I went and peered in a few cages to see if I could find any lilla bebbeh lions.

“Lions? No, that’s not us.”

“You might try on the other side of the zoo.”

“Do I LOOK like a frakking lion?!”

Nope, too stripey. And too fierce!

This one seems more promising but it lacks the vital ‘lilla bebbeh’ aspect.

But wait! What’s that?!

Can it be….?

Bingo! Lilla bebbeh lion at 12 o’ clock!

But wait….what’s *that*?!

TWO of ’em! Oh boys oh boys! I get to pick! Well…if Momma doesn’t mind, that is. Actually, Momma might mind very much.

Though possibly she might not mind getting rid of this little tyke. Who swats their Momma like that? Tsk.

There came a pause as she considered whether to eat him or not.

Fortunately he went for the cute option and all was forgiven. Forgive the slight blurring, I was welling up with tears at the touching scene.

So now all I have to do is work out how to get them out of there. Ideas, anyone?