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‘I don’t know, ask that guy over there’.

Today’s entry is brought to you in association with the number seven and the letter ‘huh?’. For not only was I customered today but I was customered SEVEN times.

I’ve never been asked so many questions! And so few (one) about the company I work for! The rest were about completely different train companies and by the way, where *is* Brentwood exactly? I even checked the map for that one and was obliged to point out that LONDON Underground doesn’t go to Essex so he might like to try an actual rail service. That guy just muttered that he’d imagined we had all the information in our heads. Um yeah, sure mate.

Oddly, I got the most questions while I was waiting for C2C trains. And I also was used as a weapon of war in a battle of sibling rivalry with Older Bruv soundly scolding younger bruv for his platform malarkey. Dire threats about my impending retaliatory actions were issued while I tried to look suitably fierce and grumpy. It must of worked because Li’l Bruv did tie his shoelaces when I asked him to. 😀