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I’m not going to name names here in order to spare someone’s blushes but I do feel obliged to relate a realisation I had the other day. You know how sometimes you just know something? You have a bit of knowledge and you are perfectly happy with it and you don’t really spend any time thinking about it? Until suddenly you have an ‘ohhh!’ moment?

I had just such a moment the other day. I was chatting about my day to a friend and mentioned in passing something about different mirrors for C and D stock. For those not in the know, C stock is a car shorter than D stock so you sometimes need mirrors in different places or one lot of drivers can’t see. My friend queried who would have the C mirror and who would have the D mirror and at that point we both went ‘ohhh!’

Because it’s utterly and completely obvious to anyone who isn’t a moron that C is for Circle and D is for District. How the hell did I get this far in and not realise this? Of course I knew that C stock was on the Circle/Teacup line and D was on the District – but somehow I never made the leap back to primary school to realise why each stock was designated with that particular letter. I feel like such a tard. 😦