EDIT: I asked poggs to post an update because the situation was hysterically funny. The entire ridiculous tale will be in the next blog. 🙂

There are Severe Delays on British Airways.

Update After four hours of sitting on the plane and not moving from the departure gate, awaiting a de-icing unit… THE DE-ICING UNIT HAS JUST CRASHED IN TO THE SIDE OF THE PLANE. There are police cars and fire engines.

Update 2 The de-icing unit has a powerful light on it that the engineers were going to use to inspect the tailfin to check for damage… however, the de-icing unit that has just hit the tailfin cannot get close enough to the plane. !?!?!?!?!?

Update 3 Snacks, we have snacks. And advice on how to avoid blood clots. And the fire engines are back.