(Not really on the shock part btw).

I followed the link to do their survey. They asked ‘We understand you flew on flight blah on date blah is this correct?’

And then there were two options:

Yes, and flew to my destination


So obviously if they include the actual getting there as part of the yes then by selecting no I’ll be taken down another route asking how comes I didn’t fly, right? Wrong. Survey ended there and then and they don’t want my feedback. Presumably because it would make their stats look bad. Sheesh, can this airline get any worse?

I’m emailing them!

EDIT: 4th Jan, 2010

I emailed them and got the following reply I am so sorry your flight was held up on your way to Edinburgh. I can understand how frustrating it must have been for you. Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We recognise that it is essential for us to improve our current performance on punctuality. In fact our chief executive, Willie Walsh, has made it one of British Airways’ key priorities. His team are working closely with every department that has a bearing on punctuality. They have put measures in place to make sure delays are kept to an absolute minimum, so we can get customers on their way as soon as possible and improve our punctuality record.

We carry out an investigation when there is a delay. This helps us to understand what we could have done to prevent it. For our part in customer relations, we make sure that what you tell us is heard at the most senior level in our airline, through our regular statistical reports and by passing up individual comments to our Board every month.

While I appreciate your reasons for asking, I am afraid I cannot offer you any refund.

It was good of you to mention that you found our staff to be professional in the given situation. I do appreciate your kind comments.

I hope this will not come as too much of disappointment for you. We look forward to welcoming you on board again soon.

Best regards

Heena Inamdar
British Airways Customer Relations

I’ve replied clarifying a few points…..Dear Heena Inamdar,

You appear to be slightly confused by my previous email. Firstly, your staff sucked. Politeness is certainly a valued skill but competence is the more desireable. Not to mention that your staff may have been polite to me but I witnessed them speaking very rudely to other customers.

Secondly, my flight was not delayed. It never flew. I refuse to pay British Airways for wasting my time for six hours with no arrival at my destination. Please advise me of how you will be refunding my money for this flight.